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Tara Sullivan, Hons. BSc, CDA, Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA), is a graduate of Nipissing University, Honours Bachelor of Science program in Psychology. She is also a graduate of Durham College’s Communicative Disorders Assistant program (2004).


Tara has over 15 years of experience implementing speech and language goals through direct play-based therapy (group and individual) to children and young adults ages 2 to 21 (e.g., speech production, language skills, social communication skills, emotional regulation, literacy, and play skills). She is experienced with both low and high tech speech generating devices to support individuals using Augmentative and Alternative Communication and is PECS trained – Level1. Tara is highly skilled in the use of specialized software programs, such as Boardmaker, Writing With Symbols, Proloquo2go, and Touch Chat. She has a strong working knowledge of Unity, LAMP and pixons. With education and experience in ABA/IBI, including Natural Environment Training (NET), Direct Instruction (DI), and Precision Training (PT), Tara has the ability to implement appropriate behavioural management techniques, as well as strategies to effectively facilitate learning.


When not at the office, Tara strives to keep a life-work balance with mindfulness practices, meditation such as Taoist Tai Chi, and an active life style that includes her love of nature and animals.

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