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Tired of...


     running out of time?


          running around to appointments?


               running from lesson to lesson?


                          THEN MEET...


     Gus, our happy green caterpillar, represents growth and development through support and encouragement.


     The Gus Bus is our mobile clinic.


     The Gus Bus enables us to bring our services to your child at his or her own school. With your written permission, we will sign your son or daughter out from school, escort them to the mobile clinic, provide their therapeutic session, then bring them back into their school to continue with their day. We park the Gus Bus near the school in public parking areas.


The interior of our Gus Bus is cheerfully decorated, climate controlled and furnished for table-top and play-based therapy. Materials are customized for each child.

fueled by experience,

driven by results.

How it all works:

Some Principals prefer to speak with Jill prior to the commencement of services to clarify how services are provided, roles and responsibilities. She welcomes the opportunity to make arrangements which meet the specific needs of each school community, as well as address any questions and begin forging a constructive relationship with each child's educational team.


When providing services, we park nearby in public parking areas, not in the school's parking lot.


Schools will require a letter from you indicating (a) the name of your therapist and (b) giving that person permission to sign your son or daughter out. Our staff will provide proof of identity as requested (e.g., driver's license). 

Our staff possess a current Police Reference Check or an Annual Attestation, as well as up to date immunizations. Documentation supporting this information can be provided to a location for verification and copying.


We will provide a Communication Book. In this book we will leave notes about each of our sessions and you can provide us with feedback, insights and ask any questions you may have. This will also serve as the homework folder. If you agree, your son's or daughter's educational team is also welcome to read and share information via the Communication Book.

Payments for Gus Bus sessions can be made by cash, cheque or etransfer. Receipts and payments can be made via a manilla envelope inside the Communication Book.


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